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The Heist is based on movies, series and videogames such as Reservoir Dogs, Die hard, Money Heist or Payday 2, its style seeks to be lighthearted and narrative, but above all epic, so some of its mechanics may remind us of Fiasco, FATE or PBTA games.


The Heist is different, behind its planning there are years of work and a brilliant mind, that of your mentor. As part of the heist none of you know each other's names and none of you know the whole plan, that's the only way to make sure that everything goes well (and that it turns out to be surprising for everyone).

The system

In this manual you will find how the Dice Roll, the Narrative points (Planning, Professional and Supplies), the Aspects (Main Concept, Complication and Profession), the Skills, the Stress, the Consequences, the Actors (Hostages, Media, Law Enforcement and Loot), the Relationships and the Escape Plan.

The Heist can take place in any place and time and can be played alone, managing all the robbers; it is also possible to play it with friends, taking turns directing the game or with a game director to arbitrate between the players.

Versión en español/Spanish version Versión en español

This game is "made with love" (hecho con cariño).

Hecho con cariño


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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